How about getting the whole picture?

Agremo is an intuitive agricultural sensing and analysis platform for drone operators, farmers and consultants. Together, we create actionable insights that drive costs down and improve crop performance.

We enable drone operators to help farmers monitor and manage their crops per field, throughout the season.

By provision of an early insight into a visualized, user-friendly, geo-referenced map of a field, we analyze and provide a full range of
stats: plant counting, plant health tools and stress detectors that enable precise yield increase and increase of overall profit.
What we do


Employing innovative rules-based reasoning and combining aerial imaging with input data, plant counter accurately counts plants and determine stand establishment from drone extracted images, including different angle orientation plant rows.



Assess, prevent and correct the overall state and damage level of the crops throughout the season. Range of analyses and reports developed to monitor plant health levels and to detect and prevent plant stress and damage from different factors.



Simple, intuitive way to monitor crops and results of applied measures on your fields over time. Fully equipped with tools, Agremo is developed for accessing all your scans, reports and data, allowing you to monitor your fields throughout the season.

How it works
For us, the agrifood value chain is a cooperative effort between farmers, land and crop specialists and drone operators
who join efforts to maximize goods and services and enable highest yields and increased profits.


Collect aerial data and images.
Any kind of drone (UAV) will do – fixed wing & multirotor.



Generate 2D maps from collected
areal data. We recommend DroneDeploy.



Analyze images with powerful algorithms and obtain results. Our reports are comprehensive & easy to understand.



Manage your fields and scans throughout the season. Personalize your reports, collaborate and share data with anyone.

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Drone operators

Drone operators

Develop your drone business and provide services to your agricultural clients to help them increase yields and lower production costs and risks. Satisfy your farmer client by surveying his farm and providing analysis outputs to improve agricultural results.

Some of the features include:

  • Personalized reports
  • Multiple account management
  • Sharing and exporting data
Agricultural producers

Individual and corporate agricultural producers

Allows you to make immediate decisions that will contribute to productivity increases and more efficient utilization of resources while significantly reducing production costs and risks. Have full insight into your crops at all times, by provision of visualized, user-friendly geo-referenced reports and maps showing stats for plant counting, detected crop stress, presence of weeds, diseases and many more.

Some of the features include:

  • Monthly free acre allowance
  • Agremo support
  • Sharing data with your agronomist
Agricultural consultants

Agricultural consultants

New technologies interconnected with agriculture expertise enhance the decision-making process in every stage of production. Our extremely precise crop counting analysis enables accurate yield estimates and production cost optimization. Plant health analysis with exact geo-referenced location of any detected stress enables easier and more cost effective field management, resulting in shorter decision makings and ultimate savings.

Some of the features include:

  • Custom made subscription packages
  • Custom made reports on demand
  • Dedicated account manager & support
Insurance & Audit Companies

Insurance & Audit Companies

Insurance companies are using Agremo for premium assessments and damage estimations in agriculture.

There are three areas where Agremo can enhance an insurer’s procedures:

  • Risk monitoring & assessment
  • Claims management (including fraud prevention)
  • Asset control and management

Audit Companies face challenges when auditing large growers, plantations and corporate agricultural producers, because it is very hard to determine how many plants are on a field, fruits in orchards etc. Agremo and its algorithms come in handy by counting the plants and determining plant health and maturity.


Benefits of using Agremo

New generation remote sensing technology provides a harmless, rapid, and cost-effective way of identifying, preventing and quantifying crop stress. Our precise and powerful analysis and computer vision algorithms remove uncertainties and provide precise inputs that put you in charge of accurate yield estimates, higher return on investment, and overall profit increase.
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