We enable drone operators to help farmers monitor and manage their crops per field throughout the season.

Plant counting

Stand Count
Count seasonal field crops and vegetables and determine accurate stand establishment, and you will find out sowing quality and your potential yield loss.
Plant Population
Get accurate plant counts from your survey. Perfect for counting your perennial plantations. Count plants in any kind of rows including different orientation angle rows.

Plant health monitoring

Plant Stress Analysis
Find out how internal and external parameters affect your crop health during mid to late growth stages.
Weed Analysis
Identify weeds before they spread. Use the precise and reliable data to optimize pesticide usage and crop sprays.
Pest Analysis
Identify pest infested areas and optimize pesticide usage through early detection.
Plant Disease Analysis
Allows powerful insights into vegetated areas and their current condition. This analysis enables you to analyze crops of all growth stages.
Water Stress Analysis
Control crop irrigation by identifying areas with potential water stress. Increase yield potential by spotting irrigation problems before they can affect your crop’s performance.
Flowering Estimator
Helps detect crop flowering levels, easily evaluate the plant growth stage and make better crop management decisions.
Eagle Eye Report
Eagle eye reports let you mark points of interest, calculate the distance between different points, determine the size of any area on your field and many more.