About Agremo

An intuitive agricultural sensing and analysis platform developed for farmers, drone operators and consultants delivering relevant, insightful, and actionable analysis for crop and land management.

About Agremo

Agremo took flight in 2014 as AgriSens and has been on the rise ever since.

In 2017, we changed our name into Agremo, but the vision remained the same: to make agriculture better and more in line with what today’s technology has to offer. We want drone operators, agricultural consultants and producers, as well as insurance companies to achieve higher outputs by using high-end technology that’s easy to use, easy to grasp and easy to run.

To make this happen, we developed a data processing solution that will turn drone-collected images of agricultural sites into actionable and accurate data. Instead of scouting fields on foot and guessing what could be going on, you can now collect aerial footage and conduct one of the Agremo analysis reports, which will tell you exactly how your crop is progressing. You’ll be able to see the whole picture – faster, more precise and more accurate than traditional methods.



So far, we’ve successfully analyzed more than 50 crop types for more than 1500 users in over 40 countries all over the world. Together, we made amazing things happen:

  • Increased yields thanks to early and accurate crop insights;
  • Time and money savings due to precise and effective pest control measures;
  • Fruitful management decisions that are based on facts rather than estimates;
  • Accurate crop data that allows proper and professional planning with fewer costs and better results.

At Agremo, we believe in a down-to-earth approach, but when it comes to creative problem-solving we’re ready to join our drones high up in the sky! And to stay informed about what our client’s actually need, we have agricultural consultants working together with data analysts, professional drone operators and savvy software engineers. This unique blend of agriculture and technology enables us to create a greener future – in the truest sense of the word.

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