Customer Success Team for Enterprises


We’re committed to our collective success, starting with comprehensive training to fully leverage our advanced technology. Our customer success team is integral, guiding us in customizing solutions for our daily operations and assisting with expert aerial data collection.

Together, we navigate these complex services with confidence, knowing our success is a shared mission.

They trust us

  • We are happy to expand our partnership with Agremo, to provide growers and Ag-professionals tools that enable effective and efficient use of agricultural inputs, which is an important part of every farmer’s success.


    Georgiana Francescotti, Head of Global AgTech and Digital Services at ADAMA

  • Agremo analytics help our clients to be more accurate on their data for better decision making in order to boost their productivity, mitigate fraud, and more importantly increase ROI.

    Baker Tilly Mexico

    Miguel Ángel Salgado, Principal at Baker Tilly Mexico

  • Technology and data are at the forefront of driving decision-making in data-powered economies and societies. With further advancements in drone technologies and the rise of emerging technologies such as AI and IoT, stakeholders are poised to capitalize on these advancements to innovate processes, systems, and solutions to shape a better future.


    Dr. Ali Elbattay, Senior Principal Scientist for Remote Sensing and Drone Technology

  • Farmflight stand counts from Agremo are available on just about any crop and it carries a reputation for high accuracy. Why settle for counts on just part of the field when you can have the entire field?

    Farm Flight

    Michael Morris, Regional Vice President at Farm Flight

  • The project with Agremo is significant for our company since it helps us showcase the usage and benefits of drone data in tobacco production and agriculture. It helped us improve tobacco stand count by 17-20% within three years and convinced farmers to use precision farming methods.


    Mario Samardzic, Drone flight coordinator

    How we guide you all the way through the project


    Design & Planning

    We build custom-made projects to match your business goals and needs. Our Customer Success team will provide you with end-to-end support and guidance from the first day.


    Training & Support

    Organized training and professional workshops are what we pay special attention to. It is in mutual interest that your team learns how to use our software and use all of its features to the maximum.


    Flight Services

    Don’t have a drone or are not sure how to use it? Our team can organize a drone flight for you as we have a network of drone operators around the world.


    We want to help you make your vision become reality. Our team will carefully consider your requirements and design the best solutions for your needs. You can expect the full Integration guidance so Agremo’s technology is fitted to your business process.

    Project Support & Management

    Our Customer Success Team is at your disposal from the very first day. You can count on professional advice on mapping and analysis results, user onboarding, and additional training. We are always ready to assist.

    Drone Flight Services

    Agremo technology requires a GeoTIFF image of the field. The first step to creating such an image is flying a drone over your field and collecting images that will be stitched together into one GeoTIFF map. Agremo’s Customer Success Team can recommend which drone you should buy and provide you with advice on how to take the best shots of your field. If you prefer to use third party services for field mapping, we can help you find the nearest drone operator.

    Custom Development

    Although we offer three products at the moment, Crop Monitoring,  Field Trials  we can create a custom-made project that will be tailored to your requirements. Our Customer Success Team will listen to your needs and provide you with the best possible solution.


    Demo fields, analyses reports and tools.



    Get in touch and we will provide you with an end-to-end support.