Biomass Calculator

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Benefits of Crop BioMass Calculator

  • Monitor crop productivity
  • Calculate yield and spot the best performing areas
  • Make better harvesting decisions
  • Revenue forecast

2 min. to calculate plant biomass

with the Stand Count report

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Who and when to use BioMass Calculator

Forestry professionals and grain crop producers can calculate the total biomass of their plants and thus monitor the productivity and manage the production process. Identifying which parts of the field are performing less is a crucial piece of information for the next season. Also, knowing when and what to harvest can result in higher yields, as every day matters.

How to use the calculator


Stand Count

After uploading the GeoTIFF field image, click on the field area you want to analyze to create annotations. Submit Stand Count to get the precise number of plants.


Open the BioMass Calculator

Open Agremo’s Stand Count report, and go to the BioMass calculator by clicking on the left arrow on the Results sidebar.


Calculate biomass

Enter the data you got from the field (the average weight of a single plant in grams) to calculate the total biomass and biomass per area in the field. Save the report for future use.

How to access BioMass Calculator

Agremo’s product Crop Monitoring offers a wide range of analyses and the results of submitted analyses unlock a variety of agricultural tools including BioMass Calculator. Stand Count and VRS Stand Count analyses will unlock a free tool for calculating plant BioMass.

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