Elevation Tool

Subscribe to one of our products to analyze your fields and crops with a digital elevation model (DEM) and examine the whole field or micro-plot data based on different elevation points.

What you get from Elevation Tool

  • Spot possible depression zones
  • Detect high elevation zones
  • Save resources by knowing where to farm
  • Invest in the parts of your field that are profitable
  • Move away from the areas where you might be losing inputs

3D model of your field

to help you spot poor field conditions on time

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When to use Agremo's Elevation Tool

Everyone who is producing crops and working on the farm can benefit from this tool as it clearly shows the position of the soil and points out potential problems that can occur if the soil is depressed or elevated. Soil depression usually implies the area that is infested with weeds or waterlogged whereas high elevation refers to poor soil, erosion, or leaching of the fertilizer.

This type of field analysis can help you make decisions that will save you resources and prevent yield loss.

How to use the Elevation Tool


Upload a map

After uploading the GeoTIFF image of your field that contains the DEM model, the button for the Elevation tool will show up in the left sidebar of the app dashboard.


Open Elevation tool

After clicking on the button, you will see the Elevation tool on the left side of the screen.


View elevation points

Have a look at the 3D map and the histogram to analyze the condition of the soil and check if there are locations on the field with depression or high elevation.

How to access the Elevation Tool

Unlike other agricultural tools that are unlocked after you submit the analysis and open the report with the results, this tool is included in all Agremo’s products, Crop Monitoring, R&D Micro-Plots Monitoring, or State of the Farm. Simply after you upload a map (only the DEM model), the tool will show up in the left sidebar of the app dashboard.

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