Map Comparison Tool

Subscribe to one of our products and go through time with the Map Comparison tool checking the progress of your crops at different periods.  Track how the operations you make on the field have an impact on the crops and their productivity over time.

Map Comparison Tool Benefits

  • Track crop productivity and progress
  • Compare plant stress and weed infestations at different times
  • See before and after field operations comparison
  • Analyze changes after measures being taken

Compare 2 types of analyses

Compare temporal data, and notice any changes in the fields & crops from different periods.

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Who and when to use Agremo’s Map Comparison Tool

Precision growers, agronomists, and even R&D scientists who work on the field trials can benefit from this Map Comparison tool as they can compare the results received at different time periods on the same field map. In that way, they can see how certain problems were solved over time such as weeds and plant stress or simply have more insights into improvements in the field and crop production.

How to use the Map Comparison Tool


Create annotations

After uploading the GeoTIFF field image, click on the area to create annotations. Select the analysis and submit it to get the report. Repeat the process for another analysis.


Analysis results

Once you open the analysis report, click on the Compare results button to open another report.


Compare results

Move the line bar left or right to view the map shots and the analyses results taken at different times in the same place. Print screen the comparison for future usage.

How to access Map Comparison tool

Similarly to other agricultural tools, the Map Comparison tool is unlocked after you submit an analysis and view the results. Once you open the report with your result, you will see the green button “Compare results”. This tool is available for all products and after all types of submitted analyses.

Watch a video & discover how it works.

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