Variable-rate Spraying Tool – Precision Spraying

Save on pesticides and fertilizers by subscribing to our product – Crop Monitoring. Perform precision spraying and spray only the infested areas or the areas that lack nutrients to produce more on every acre of your farm.

Variable-rate Spraying Tool Benefits

  • Manage production risks
  • Optimize inputs in each field management zone
  • Improve yield with precision spraying
  • Reduce expenses of farming operations

Adjusted volume rate of pesticides

Spraying at an adequate volume application rate on a site-specific basis would help reduce the amount of agrochemicals

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Who and when to use this tool

Variable-rate spraying is the right tool for every farmer, professional grower, and agronomist who wants to spend less money on pesticides and fertilizers and increase crop production as well as ROI. Targeted nitrogen and herbicides applications will improve plant productivity and reduce the amount of wasted product. Agro consultants can make better and long-term decisions and focus their efforts on the field zones that give the highest return.

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How to use the Variable-rate Spraying tool



After uploading the GeoTIFF image of your field, click on the field area to create annotations. Select the analysis type and submit it to get the report.


Analysis results

Once you open the analysis report, go to the Variable-rate Spraying Tool by clicking on the left arrow on the Results sidebar.


A zone map

Enter details such as pesticide type, tile size, number of zones, rate unit, zone range, and date of spraying to create a prescription map.

How to access the Variable-rate Spraying tool

Our product Crop Monitoring offers a wide range of field analyses and the results of submitted analyses unlock a variety of agricultural tools including Variable-rate Spraying. Depending on which analysis you choose, our precision spraying tool will show up or not. Here is a list of analysis reports that will unlock a free tool for variable-rate applications:

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