Vegetation Index Tool

Subscribe to one of our products and visualize, monitor, and manage your plants with the following indices available: VARI, EXG, GLI Index, Visual NDVI, SAVI, RENDVI, and NDVI.

Vegetation Index Tool Benefits

  • Monitor plant health in real-time
  • Quickly spot plant stress
  • Various vegetation indices
  • Histogram graph visualization

7 different vegetation indexes

to visualize your plant health

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Who and when to use Vegetation Index Tool

Watching plants’ progress and condition through different vegetation indices can provide you with actionable insights into plant stress and poor field conditions. By using this software feature, you can get accurate, quick, and reliable results information about your plants’ health and react on time with appropriate treatments.

How to use Vegetation Index (VI) Tool


Open your map

After uploading the GeoTIFF image of your field, click on the field area you want to analyze to create annotations. Select the analysis type and submit it to get the report.


Plant Health

In the left sidebar of the app, you can see the icon for Plant Health, right above the + sign for zooming in. Once you click on that icon, a new sidebar will appear on the right.


View VI

From the drop-down menu called “List of VI” select the vegetation index you want to use for the analysis of your field. View your map through different vegetation indices.

How to access the Vegetation Index Tool

This tool is available by default, in the left sidebar of the app dashboard. You don’t need to submit any analysis and it doesn’t matter which product you use. This feature is free and available as soon as you upload a GeoTIFF map and view it in the app. In addition to that, you can download the result of the real-time plant health preview to your computer.

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