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$ 99 / year


$ 999 / year 




Custom plan

i Total amount of acres included in a bulk that comes with the subscription which you can use on any of the Agremo analyses.

Included FREE acres

20 100 1,000     CONTACT US

i This is the cost of each analyzed acre which you will pay after you have used all your initially included acres.

Price per additional acre 

$2 $1.5 $1.25     CONTACT US

i Each higher subscription plan offers higher processing priority.

Processing priority 

 +  ++  +++     ++++ 

i Minimum billing unit per analysis (if you submit a smaller area, it will be rounded up to this amount).

Minimum value per analysis

 10 acres  10 acres  20 acres     CONTACT US

i Get professional advice from our drone and mapping experts, as well as our internal agronomists via email, chat or our carefully crafted knowledge base.


 Support Docs, email  Support Docs, email, chat  Support Docs, email, chat      Dedicated project support

Plant counting analyses

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Plant health monitoring analyses

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i Upload, analyze and manage maps all in one place and ensure maximum efficiency.

Results and field management


i Agremo produces Vegetation indices such as NDVI, GLI, ExG or VARI

Vegetation Index 


i Obtain field’s shapefile, which contains the detailed results layer and thus provide a visual representation of the numbers and results displayed in their report.



i Add your comments to your reports and share tips and insights with colleagues and clients, such as noticeable changes in the field or treatment recommendation.

Recommendation entry


i Share your map and results with clients, colleagues and anyone you like by letting them see and navigate through the map directly from the Agremo app.

Map and result sharing


i Compare different maps on the same screen, and view them either next to each other or layered one on top of the other to show clients the differences and successfully track progress.

Map comparison


i Create a custom organization structure, hierarchy and add roles to user accounts under your enterprise account.

Organization & hierarchy


i Build exclusive brand awareness by prominently displaying your logo on the analyses and the app dashboard.

Co-branded reports and App


Custom bulk of acres

Do you have a client who needs you to scout a large area, and you are looking for a custom order of acres for Agremo analyses? We can offer you a custom bulk of acres, that will suit your business plan and your client's needs. Send us an inquiry if you would like to know more.

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Agremo offers 3 different plans: Starter, Drone Plus, and Drone Pro. The Starter plan is – as the name suggests – a great way to get a glimpse of the possibilities of analyzing fields with drone technology. In this case, you pay for the analyses per acre. Plus, you have a forever free access to Agremo app. The Drone Plus and the Drone Pro plans have a lot more to offer for those who use their drone several times per year: as a paid user, you get a bulk of acres at a better price per acre, yearly access to Agremo with plenty of useful features, and faster processing and access to the Agremo App .

Agremo accepts all major credit cards, including debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover. We also accept PayPal, JCB and wire transfers. Our subscription fees are charged in USD.

Agremo analysis can be performed on maps gathered with all common sensor/camera types: RGB, NIR and Multispectral. The best results are obtained with a resolution of around 0.9 in per pixel, which can be achieved with almost any commercially available drone. For more mapping tips, go to our documentation section.

Yes, the minimum area size per analysis for Starter and Drone Plus plans is 10 acres (4 hectares). The minimum area size per analysis for Drone Pro plan is 20 acres (8 hectares). The minimum price is obtained by multiplying the area size with the price per acre. Example: a Starter plan user is charged $20 for analyzing a10-acree field (10x$2).

Check out the offers from our yearly paid plans, the Drone Plus, plan and the Drone Pro plan, for even better prices and features! Besides that, frequent users can benefit from the custom bulk pricing offers and from our Enterprise plan. Contact us at to find out which plan would be the most suitable for you!

Paid users (users who purchased a Drone Plus or a Drone Pro plan) have full access to the Agremo app. It’s where all the magic happens: you can store your maps and fields in one place, launch analyses, collect and compare results and benefit from many other features. By purchasing any of the plans you will get a full yearly access to the app and a bulk of acres that comes with the plan which you can use for your analysis and explore all the amazing features of the Agremo app.

Anyone can sign up and access the Agremo app, look around and use some of the basic features and launch up to 2x10 acre analyses. However, the app’s main features are reserved for paid users (users who purchased a Drone Plus plan or a Drone Pro plan). Explore the app’s full potential by purchasing Drone Pro plan or jumpstart your business with a Professional plan right away!

If your requirements exceed the options offered within the Drone Pro plan, let us know via We will be happy to discuss the custom bulk order or the features of our special customized enterprise plan with you!

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