Crop State Audit. Collect and validate data accurately.

Know the exact number of plants in the field to predict revenue and prevent losses. This is a tool designed for insurance and audit companies, banks, and forestry. It provides you with highly accurate records of site conditions that can be shared with others.


They trust us

  • We are happy to expand our partnership with Agremo, to provide growers and Ag-professionals tools that enable effective and efficient use of agricultural inputs, which is an important part of every farmer’s success.


    Georgiana Francescotti, Head of Global AgTech and Digital Services at ADAMA

  • Agremo analytics help our clients to be more accurate on their data for better decision making in order to boost their productivity, mitigate fraud, and more importantly increase ROI.

    Baker Tilly Mexico

    Miguel Ángel Salgado

  • Farmflight stand counts from Agremo are available on just about any crop and it carries a reputation for high accuracy. Why settle for counts on just part of the field when you can have the entire field?

    Farm Flight

    Michael Morris, Regional Vice President at Farm Flight

    Better risk mitigation

    Increased client retention

    Improved product portfolio

    Accurate audit

    How can Crop State Audit help your business?

    • Get precise plant number
    • Add new value to your business portfolio
    • Minimize costs and payments for insurance claims
    • Collect and validate data efficiently
    • Forecast possible problems and losses
    • Remove the limits on the size of operations
    Get precise plant number

    Supported Analyses

    Subscribe to Crop State Audit to know the exact number of plants and spot zones with potential losses. The Stand Count analysis report shows you the number of plants in the selected area in the field and calculates the number of missing plants based on the planned number of plants. With this report, you can address low germination rates on time and adjust weed and pest control measures only in areas with poor performance. The Plant Population analysis provides you with an accurate number of perennials, fruits, palms, forestry, and stone fruits, and with this report, you can get an early yield estimate.

    Strengthen your business with the right ag technology

    • Collect accurate and objective data – Save time and resources on field scouting and use drone technology to efficiently collect precise and reliable data. Use Crop State Audit to analyze crops and prevent human errors, bias, and inconsistencies in claim assessments.

      Create innovative services – Improve processes of crop audit and provide customers with high-quality data that can help them assess plant regrowth or forecast the revenues.

      Scale-up with control & oversight– Removing limits on the size of operations is possible, as you can audit more acres across different regions with less work and raise the form of reporting to a higher level.

    • Evaluate risks in loan transactions– Know the financial potential of your client’s ag business to minimize credit losses by relying on the objective field and crop data. Improve risk mitigation when processing the loans by using accurate crop data to pinpoint the client’s credit needs.

      Predict the client’s financial condition– Forecast the possible crop loss and other problems in the field that can cause the carryover debt.  Improve the service delivery with streamlined workflow, and digitized and standardized processes.

      Control data quality–  Track the history of crop profitability of your clients to improve the process of calculating the collateral values. Rely on AI technology to identify, classify and monitor potential problems in the credit portfolio.

    • Control timber production– Shorten the time of timber cruising with the AI-based technology that collects and analyzes drone imagery. Obtain volume estimation to appraise and prepare timber sales, make long-term harvest plans, control growth, and meet values and needs of timber production.

      Identify risks and forecast expenses– Calculate the profitability of the trees and forecast the revenues and possible expenses. Track the performance of trees to solve problems on time.

      Solve problems in seedling production– Analyze nurseries remotely, with drone technology and an AI-based app that collects data from the nurseries and performs Stand Count and Plant Population analyses.

    How we guide you all the way through the project


    Design & Implementation

    Agremo’s products are custom-made and designed for your needs. We will carefully plan and offer you the best solution for your specific business case.


    Training & Support

    Our services team will organize training and workshops to help you implement our technology into your work.


    AI Analytics

    We will provide you with a detailed guide on capturing quality aerial data and obtaining maps that will give you the best results as well as on how to to get the most out of our technology.

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    Recommended Crop Types

    Agremo’s technology works successfully on more than 100 crop types. From our experience, Crop State Audit works best with palm oil trees, pine, agave, Christmas tree, bananas, and orchard.

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