Plant Counting. Estimate yield potential with AI technology.

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Ground counts can be expensive, unreliable, and depend on the area sampled. Stand count drone analytics is a combination of AI, machine learning, and computer vision that can give you insights into the whole farm precisely and quickly. 

They trust us

  • We are happy to expand our partnership with Agremo, to provide growers and Ag-professionals tools that enable effective and efficient use of agricultural inputs, which is an important part of every farmer’s success.


    Georgiana Francescotti, Head of Global AgTech and Digital Services at ADAMA

  • As markets become more defined and customer expectations are increasingly specific, Black Gold Farms believes that we must develop greater awareness of how our crops function. Agremo provides a new window into understanding what is happening in our #fields at a more granular level and how to move the needle in the best direction.

    Black Gold Farms

    Bryan Bowen, Director of Agronomy at Black Gold Farms

  • Farmflight stand counts from Agremo are available on just about any crop and it carries a reputation for high accuracy. Why settle for counts on just part of the field when you can have the entire field?

    Farm Flight

    Michael Morris, Regional Vice President at Farm Flight

  • The project with Agremo is significant for our company since it helps us showcase the usage and benefits of drone data in tobacco production and agriculture. It helped us improve tobacco stand count by 17-20% within three years and convinced farmers to use precision farming methods.


    Mario Samardzic, Drone flight coordinator

  • To demonstrate that the precision technologies and techniques are useful in all agricultural operations- from sowing, fertilization, irrigation, crop protection to harvest- the project with Agremo covers the entire growing season of several crops. It demonstrates how the different technologies of the participant companies can be applied in crop management through the use of a drone.

    KITE, John Deere’s representative in Serbia

    Stanko Oparnica, AMS manager at KITE DOO

    Reduced yield loss

    Objective & accurate data collection

    Standardized reports

    Faster crop management process

    Why choose the Plant Counting product?

    • Get precise plant number
    • Improved short and long-term planning thanks to accurate data
    • Yield forecasts and loss prevention
    • Field uniformity and seed quality evaluation
    • Crop performance comparison and history
    Get precise plant number

    Supported Analyses

    Subscribe to the Plant Counting product to know the exact location and percentage of field areas that are underperforming and to calculate the potential yield based on the number of plants in the field. Use the Stand Count and Plan Population analyses for stand assessment, replating, and taking crop nutrition measures that will boost the productivity of your yields.

    Read more about 5 reasons why to use it.

    How many plants do you have in the field?

    • Remote AI field monitoring – Replace labor-intensive and time-consuming field scouting with drone technology that collects accurate and objective data and leaves no place for errors. Use Agremo’s AI technology to analyze hundreds of acres no matter where they are located.

      Improved traceability and quality control– Digitalize the information from the field so you can trace your products back to the farm. Locate and identify agronomic practices that were implemented and control the food safety chain from the start. Execute sustainability practices with precision agriculture software.

      Cost reduction and yield optimization– Agremo’s Plant Counting product is ideal for food companies that want to predict yields and prevent losses by relying on Stand Count analysis that calculates and locates the exact number of plants in the field. 

    • Scale up your operations– Agremo’s app and drone technology speed up the processes so you can cover more acres in less time without needing to find additional resources. 

      Automate crop production processes– Collect crop data with a drone and obtain objective and standardized reports. Streamline the crop management workflow to prevent human errors and inconsistencies.  

      Generate the best yield– Improve the crop productivity by getting the accurate number of plants in the field and the average plant density compared to the planned numbers. Act on time to provide stands at risk with the proper nutrition and thus save yields.

    • Develop efficient farming practices– Use Stand Count analysis to check the exact number of plants in the field, perform stand assessment and evaluate the germination rate. Make early decisions on replanting. Compare the number of plants at the beginning and the end of the season.

      Keep accurate records on crop performance– Digitalize records and track crop performance no matter where the fields are located and how many team members are involved. Obtain accurate information from the field in one place and easily share or download standardized reports.

      Manage the budget and forecast the expenses– Mark the zones with potential yield loss and evaluate plant population, in order to carefully plan the purchase and application of crop nutrition and protection products. 

    How we guide you all the way through the project


    Design & Implementation

    Agremo’s products are custom-made and designed for your needs. We will carefully plan the solution that will solve your business challenges.


    Training & Support

    Our services team will organize training and workshops to help you implement our technology into your work.


    AI Analytics

    We will provide you with a detailed guide on capturing quality aerial data and obtaining maps that will give you the best results as well as on how to get the most out of our technology.

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    Recommended Crop Types

    Agremo’s technology works successfully on more than 100 crop types. Our Plant Counting product works with many crops and plants such as potato, sunflower, soybean, sugarbeet, sugar cane, corn, wheat/barley, rice, canola, cotton, tobacco, palm oil tree, banana, agave, orchard, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, pine, Christmas tree.

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