Zone Management Tool

Subscribe to Agremo’s Crop Monitoring product so you can use the Zone Management tool for free to divide fields into organized zones based on crop health conditions or infected areas. This is a step before variable-rate spraying and together these tools make a necessary toolkit for successful precision spraying and fertilization.

Zone Management Tool Benefits

  • Perform precision spraying
  • Manage your field based on crop health and vegetation
  • Organize field operations more precisely
  • Reduce amount of agricultural inputs and save money

Up to 6 different zones in the field

for precise spraying

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When to use Agremo's Zone Management Tool

The zone management tool is a part of the Crop Monitoring product that is a perfect solution for food producers, professional growers, and agro consultants.

We developed it to help you precisely identify and understand your field variability and easily get an actionable zone report in the shapefile. With the ability to divide your field into zones based on crop conditions, you can reduce the costs of spraying and plan your treatments based on accurate data.

How to use Zone Management Tool


Create annotations

After uploading the GeoTIFF image, click on the field area you want to analyze to draw annotations. Select the analysis type, submit it and within 48 hours  you will receive the report by email.


Analysis results

Once you open the analysis report, open the Zone Management tool by clicking on the left arrow on the Results sidebar.


Create zones

Choose the number of zones you want to create and the size of the tiles that will present one field zone. Adjust the health zone range by moving the scale to the left or to the right.  Click on the Apply button to create zones.

How to access Zone Management Tool

Similar to other Agremo farming tools, the Zone Management is unlocked after you submit an analysis and view the results. These are the analyses that unlock the tool for management field zones:

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