Have complete control of your field trials.

Streamline your crop research, gather high-quality data and track your field activities on a plot level by subscribing to our Field Trials product. Monitor and measure plant growth with a reliable AI cloud-based field analytics solution.

Have complete control of your field trials.

Streamline your crop research, gather high-quality data and track your field activities on a plot level by subscribing to our Field Trials product. Monitor and measure plant growth with a reliable AI cloud-based field analytics solution.

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  • We are happy to expand our partnership with Agremo, to provide growers and Ag-professionals tools that enable effective and efficient use of agricultural inputs, which is an important part of every farmer’s success.


    Georgiana Francescotti, Head of Global AgTech and Digital Services at ADAMA

  • Agremo analytics help our clients to be more accurate on their data for better decision making in order to boost their productivity, mitigate fraud, and more importantly increase ROI.

    Baker Tilly Mexico

    Miguel Ángel Salgado

  • Technology and data are at the forefront driving decision-making nowadays in data-powered economies and societies. With further advancements in drone technologies and the rise of emerging technologies such as AI and IoT, stakeholders are poised to capitalize on these advancements to innovate processes, systems, and solutions to shape a better future.


    Dr. Ali Elbattay, Senior Principal Scientist for Remote Sensing and Drone Technology

    Save hours of manual field scouting

    Get automated micro-plot statistics

    Profitable product development

    Standardized trial reports

    Take your field trial experiments to a higher level

    • Count plants per field trial (red)
    • Efficiently capture data on field trials, inspect each plot during & after the growing season
    • Remotely track the progress of field trials
    • Team collaboration within the app
    • Automated quality assurance algorithms that verify data in the field, at the time of collection
    • Objective drone data supported by AI analytics
    Count plants per field trial (red)

    Supported Analyses

    Subscribe to our Field Trials product to get all the analyses you need for precise crop data. Perform Micro-Plot Stand Count, Canopy Cover, and Plant Vigor analyses to identify plant emergence and test the effectiveness of fertilizers and hybrids performance. Detect and control weeds and stress in your field trials with Weed Detection and Plant Stress analyses. Here is a full guide on how to request Agremo’s micro-plot analyses.

    • Improve the research and development processes – Perform Stand Count, Plant Stress, Canopy Cover, Plant Vigor, and Weed Detection analyses to accelerate your product development cycle with accurate, automated field trial statistics.

      Measure historical data – View and analyze the activities on your micro-plots over time and compare results at different growing stages. Easily access old reports and examine the progress of your work.

      Save time and resources on field scouting – With Field Trials product you can reduce labor-intensive footwork and have more efficient field surveys. Collecting data by drone is a faster and more accurate solution.

    • Obtain standardized and accurate data – Collect precise micro-plot data and have a more complete and successful crop protection process. Improve pesticide efficacy by relying on AI-based technology and objective data.

      Remotely test products in a short time – Remotely track the progress of your new products. Collaborate with your team within the app and make important decisions quickly and efficiently. Rerun field analyses and detect the issues in your product development cycle.

      Monitor thousands of micro-plots – No matter what number of field trials you have, our app can analyze them and provide you with accurate and in-depth information of the condition of your crops. Know exactly how your crop protection products are performing!

    • Increase revenue & profit margin – Optimize the usage of nutrients, and pinpoint the areas with input deficiency or poor performance. Examine performance per plot and compare the progress at different crop growth stages—all you need for successful product development.

      Efficiently evaluate your products – Scouting field trials on foot is time and resource-consuming and prone to errors. Rely on drone data instead to solve your crop research problems.

      Easier crop data management – With our wide range of analyses, you can count plants per field trial, measure weed pressure, detect zones with stress, etc. Data is presented visually and you can compare different results for the same field trials.

    Subscribe to one product only - Stand Count or Input Efficiency

    Our solutions are based on your needs! Field Trials product is the full package, but you can choose only one product if you don’t need the whole solution.

    Choose Stand Count product to:

    • Identify plant emergence
    • Determine the number of plants per field trial or a single row
    • Evaluate germination rate
    • Analyze the quality of hybrids
    • Optimize field trial performance

    Choose Input Efficiency product to:

    • Evaluate pesticide efficacy
    • Measure weed pressure per micro-plot
    • Test the efficiency of other ag inputs
    • Identify areas with poor performance
    • Monitor the plant stress on a plot level

    How we guide you all the way through the project


    Design & Planning

    We will help you with our custom-made products and end-to-end support to match your business goals.


    Training & Support

    We will organize training and workshops to help you know how to capture quality aerial data and obtain field maps.


    AI Analytics

    We will provide you with a detailed guide on how to get the most out of our software and highly-precise field data.

    Recommended Crop Types

    From our experience, The Stand Count product is working the best with corn, sunflower, soybean, potato whereas Input Efficiency is mostly used for all these, as well as wheat, barley, canola (rapeseed) and sugarbeet.

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